We have such a dedicated team here at LADD. Eric Sunderman is among us, beginning his LADD career in November 2010 as a direct support professional before his promotion in May, 2015, to program coordinator for our Community Supported Living. Eric Sunderman is program coordinator for Cincinnati nonprofit, Ladd's Community Supportive Living Program.We asked him why he enjoys what he does. This is what he told us.

Tell us one of the reasons you look forward to going to work.

The most rewarding thing is seeing people we we work withlourish and accomplish their goals. That doesn’t have to be some grand event, either—typically, it’s just people doing what they want to do in the way that makes them happy. To be a part of that process is fantastic.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

There are many challenging things about this job—responding to crises, never having enough resources, and trying to work with bureaucracies that can be outright antagonistic to the needs of people with disabilities. Still, the challenges are always worth it if you can help someone get the things they need to be successful and happy.


About our Community Supported Living Program: While living in their own home, apartment or family residence, this service offers people with developmental disabilities the option of developing independent living skills while learning how to access shopping, banks, churches, recreation facilities and public transportation

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