Wylie Jones is director of quality assurance and programs for Cincinnati nonprofit organization, LADD

Please meet Wylie Jones, LADD’s director of quality assurance and programs, and learn more about his passion for his work.

LADD:  Please, share with us what your job involves.

Wylie: My role is basically to support our program staff in making sure that they have what they need to provide great services, ensure that the folks they are supporting have the best possible opportunities to achieve what they want for their lives, and to encourage our LADD team and others in the field to pursue excellence in what they do.

LADD: Please tell us your own personal impression of LADD and our work.

Wylie: LADD is a unique place. I come from an academic background and have always thought of LADD as the Harvard of provider agencies. A big reason for that is our emphasis on education based programming, but it extends to the quality of the agency’s leadership, our reputation in the field, and the excellent and well trained people we have engaged directly with folks to help them learn, explore, and develop.

LADD: How have you personally been impacted from working at LADD?

Wylie: I started at LADD over 18 years ago as a direct support professional in one of our houses. I often describe my career at LADD as a very fortunate accident. Fortunate in that LADD has given me the opportunity to develop new skills and test myself in new ways for all of those years and to build relationships with the people associated with LADD that are very important to me and have given direction to my life. An ‘accident’ in that I would have to honestly say I knew very little about what the work was going to involve when I first started other than it had to do with working with people and teaching. It turns out that it’s a great field where one can really have a huge impact for the good and LADD definitely equips you to do that.

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