Cincinnati nonprofit organization, LADD, Inc., which supports adults in Hamilton County with developmental disabilities, holds a monthly Independent Residents Council for adults who are living, working and thriving in Cincinnati.

Each last Wednesday evening of every month, our training room fills with adults who we know and love, community members who are living, learning, connecting and contributing every day. In our Independent Resident Council, we talk about information and events important to them; and then everyone has an opportunity to share news about their life… before eating pizza.

Jenny Crowe explained our upcoming IRC Retreats for those who hadn’t been. “We eat a lot, go to the bar, drive around in a boat, sit in the hot tub, and roast marshmallows,” she said.

Amy Thompson is the newest member of Cincinnati nonprofit, Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled's Independent Residents Council

Amy Thompson is our newest member of our Independent Residents Council! Amy loves her sports! She swims, runs track, throws the javelin, bowls, plays basketball and soccer, dances, and is a catcher in baseball. She won second place in a bowling tournament. It is great to have Amy with us as a member of our community!


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