Our popular Community Connections day program has expanded! Our new Saturday group brings our total of groups to 13, with 51 participants.

What is LADD’s Community Connections?

Great question! It is Hamilton County’s only non-facilities based program of its kind in Cincinnati for people with disabilities. In groups of 3 to 5 adults, they choose places in our area to explore with one of our social guides. Those outings may include volunteer work or recreational activities. Community Connections reduces isolation and also provides an opportunity for participants to learn and strengthen life and communication skills, build confidence through decision making, and explore their own likes and dislikes. LADD’s Community Connections currently includes 65 five-hour sessions. The first session of the month is when group participants get together and plan their calendar for that month.

LADD has expanded its Community Connections day program for adults with disabilities in Hamilton County.

“I like LADD’s Community Connections because it’s different, it’s unique, it’s about the community, it’s about finding our gifts.  It keeps you going. It keeps you active.  We’re out in the community all day. It wakes me up in the morning.  It makes me creative.  I get hugs.  I get smiles.  I see people I know.”

– Kathleen Sheil


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