Equally part team player and independent thinker, April Meyers is a goal setter Cincinnati law firm Dinsmore & Shohl worked with Cincinnati nonprofit, Ladd, and its Supported Employment Program to hire April, an employee with a disability.who does not shy away from life challenges. Give her a job to do and she will do it well on time and on target. Introduce her to new people and she will form a new friend. 

These are just some of the qualities that have made her a valued asset to downtown law firm Dinsmore & Shohl, where April is an office services clerk.

We asked April to share her strengths that she brings to work each day. “I am a capable and dependable person. I am always on time, in uniform and ready to work,” she told us.

Her role is an important one. April’s job includes delivering and organizing mail, organizing binders, cleaning and restocking conference rooms, and other tasks.

“April has been such a blessing here,” Patti Super, Dinsmore & Shohl’s office services supervisor who oversees April. “It is a pleasure that when you give her something to do, you can count on her getting it down and then being eager to move on to her next project.”

At LADD, our belief that every person who wishes to work in the community is given that opportunity and support to do so; and our goal is for people with disabilities to gain meaningful, long-term employment.

“I am inspired by the success stories I see when employers work with us in adding people with disabilities to their team and come to realize those employees are real assets to their team,” shared Diane Gaither-Thompson, program manager of Ladd’s Supported Employment Program. “April and Dinsmore & Shohl are an excellent example.

“April is someone who is highly capable, energetic, and most pleasant. She practiced humility when learning to ride the bus, demonstrated tenacity by sticking with learning her job tasks and exudes confidence in her ability to do her job. She is always on time and is very respectful to co-workers.”

What is April doing with the money she is making? “I am saving it for my wedding dress. I am getting married next June,” she said. 

We asked April what advice she has for others on being successful in the workplace. She told us, “Be on time and be ready to face challenges, to make other people feel better and to be happy. If you have problems, go to your family and ask them. It is your turn to make your own life and to make that smile on your face. It is your turn to make a life change. You have got to take responsibility.”

“I have learned so much from having April here and now I can’t imagine her not being here. I hope that April will be with us until I retire,” Patti said.

About Ladd’s Supported Employment Program

At LADD, our Supported Employment Program assists adults with disabilities in choosing, obtaining and maintaining employment in a variety of community settings. Working in partnership with businesses across the Greater Cincinnati area, our staff help job seekers in finding employment, providing on-the-job training and, if necessary, providing follow-up services.

Some of the benefits to companies of working with an agency such as Ladd to find the right candidate include:

  1. LADD services are free
  2. LADD will provide you with free position identification and/or job matching based on the needs of your workforce
  3. LADD will provide you with a pool of candidates based upon the job description provided
  4. LADD will provide you with free ongoing performance evaluations to ensure satisfaction
  5. Free employment professionals are available to supplement training and assist with resolving any challenges
  6. Free assistance in implementation of incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Interested in learning more? Please call us at 513-861-5233.


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