Cincinnati nonprofit, a group from LADD’s Community Connections day program for adults with developmental disabilities volunteered at Matthew 25: Ministries in Blue Ash.

It was another summer day out making a difference, for LADD’s Wednesday Community Connections group. We caught up with them this week at Matthew 25: Ministries in Blue Ash, an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization that ships out supplies and necessities to people in our country and around the world. They were taking off the outer packaging of cooling body clothes, and then taping the two inner packages of clothes together.

It is a vital job because children volunteers are the ones who take those clothes and put them in a bag with other necessities. Since kids are not always the best counters, it really helps them to do their job more effectively when the clothes are bundled. The removal of the outer packaging is good because developing countries often do not have a good means for waste disposal.

“Everyone who is impacted and displaced by a disaster needs basic necessities, and we couldn’t supply all of those things without the help of our volunteers. The groups from LADD do important work for us and we appreciate their being here,” Jenna Elam, a Matthew 25: Ministries Global Paula Chiricosta, Matthew 25: Ministries Global Village Processing team member, said Jim, a volunteer from Cincinnati nonprofit LADD’s Community Connections day program for adults with developmental disabilities, makes her day.Village Processing team member told us.

It is a win-win for everyone. At the beginning of each month, all of LADD’s Community Connections group meet to decide as a group what their activities will be. Volunteering at Matthew 25 always is on that list.

Lizzie Griffin told us, “I like to volunteer and help people. It makes me feel really good.”

If you are interested in having your organization considered for one of our volunteer activities, please call Faith Maynard, LADD’s Community Connections Program Manager, at 513-861-5233 or email

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