With all of their diverse backgrounds and talents, one thing that our team of staff share is their passion for their work. This is so much more than a job to them. It is about the impact of one caring human being on another, and the power to strengthen lives. We are so proud to have such an incredible group of people who collectively push our momentum, allowing us to create new ways of engaging and including adults with developmental disabilities who have become important parts of our lives.

David Horseman is among them.

An innovation from LADD direct support professional, David Horseman, is supporting adults with disabilities to live independently in Greater Cincinnati.One of our direct support professionals in LADD’s Community Supported Living Program, David, who was an auto mechanic before changing career paths, is that person people in his inner circles – and even random acquaintances – go to when something needs fixing. He says it has always been that way. He just has a knack for figuring things out, and a want for making a difference in other people’s lives.

It is that combination of skills and compassion that have made David such a valued member of our team. On the day we caught up with him, he was spending time with Jerry in an apartment Jerry shares with Alex.  David’s creative thinking in problem solving, supporting and encouraging Jerry have meant the difference of a man who was bed ridden after a debilitating back injury to a man who lives on his own, goes shopping and to appointments, and enjoys participating in the community.

One of those ideas is a scheduling software platform displayed on a computer monitor that hangs in the roommates’ dining room. “For the adults we work with, their lives are filled with daily activities that need to be remembered and numerous LADD team members whose schedules changes. It can be very confusing. And Jerry relies on visuals and pictures to understand things. I knew there had to be a better way for making this easier for them,” David said.

And, with that, this self-taught computer programmer/problem fixer got to work. David bought equipment and began researching open source software platforms. No one knew he was working on it until David had a product to show people.

Hours and days later, David had built the digital display that announces when it is time for taking medicine or for other tasks, gives the day and week’s schedule, as well as tells what LADD staff member will be there when. Alex likes to know the weather and does not always remember doctor appointments, so that information is included. It can be quickly and efficiently updated with changes.

The platform has been an incredible resource for these two men, who are successfully living on their own in the community with LADD’s support. We are looking into expanding David’s platform for other residences.

At LADD, one of our strategic priorities is building an organizational culture that values innovation, transparency, health and wellness and reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence in our day to day operations.

It is with dedicated staff like David that makes this possible.

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