We’d like to introduce you to Linda Toth, who is in her fifth year with LADD as a Community Supported Living direct support professional. Linda’s LADD days are spent with Joe Wenning, assisting him in strengthening his skills including reading and communication, expanding his life experiences, and connecting with others that can #DSPWeek - Linda Toth, a direct support professional for Cincinnati nonprofit LADD, explains what she enjoys most about her job.lead toward employment and achieving other goals.
Linda told us her job satisfaction comes from seeing the growth of someone for whom she has great admiration. “Joe brings enthusiasm to everything he is passionate about. In a world where it seems humans have drifted away from face to face communication, Joe maintains the “lost art” of engaging in sincere dialogue with a genuine interest in others. He can initiate and maintain conversations with complete strangers, coming away with a new friend and learning something about their lives. He has an innate ability to capture the moment to launch an interaction with someone, and it always ends with big smiles for all and often times a hug. I have witnessed the beauty of him making someone’s day a little better time and time again,” she said.
Let us repeat that: “I have witnessed the beauty of Joe making someone’s day a little better time and again.”
One of the greatest gifts that anyone can give!
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