Shannon Kennevan, a resident at LADD’s Find A Way Apartments in Oakley, is spending her days in her own way, living independently, accomplishing goals, working, contributing, and enjoying time with her favorite four-legged companion.

We spoke with her about her life and wanted to share her story, in her own words.

LADD is a Cincinnati nonprofit organization that empowers adults with developmental disabilities to live independently. This is Shannon's story.LADD: You live in your own apartment here. Tell us how that has been for you.
Shannon: I am glad that LADD helped me early in learning to live on my own so I could move into my own apartment and be independent. Now I don’t need a lot of help and I appreciate that LADD doesn’t tell me what to do but is available to me if I need support with anything.

I watch what I eat for my health and I have a nurse practitioner who keeps me on the path for good health.

LADD:  What do you enjoy most about living on your own?
Shannon: I like watching the tv shows I want to watch and I like being able to have my own dog (Misty), and the responsibility that comes with a dog. I walk my dog all the time. I walk to the bus and around the Oakley community to shops and restaurants. I also love being able to have my own friends over and spend time with who I want to spend time with, and make my own schedule. I am happy that I do not have a roommate and I have my own privacy.

LADD:  You have had the same job for ten years. That is quite an accomplishment. Tell us about your job.
Shannon: I work at a community job at Tender Care Childcare. I love that I can help children. I am really good at my job and they value my work. I am very proud of how I take care of the babies.

LADD:  We are so proud of all that you do. Please share some of your goals.
Shannon: My goal is to keep working with babies at Tender Care and to stay independent in my life. I love Jay Bruce (baseball player) and Leonardo DeCaprio (actor), and would not mind meeting or spending time with the two of them. One day I would like to go to Hawaii, and possibly in the distant future, move to New Jersey to be closer to my brother and his family.

I am very proud of how I take care of my dog and I am proud that I help my family out and am a good role model for kids.


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