October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (#NDEAM) and the theme is: Inclusion Drives Innovation.

Absolutely!  And Procter & Gamble is one of a growing number of Cincinnati companies who share in our belief that diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities makes our workforces stronger, more productive, and more creative.

Scott Van Nice of Procter & Gamble talks about why diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities strengthens the workforceIn our PSA for our 2017 ReelAbilities Film Festival, Scott Van Nice (CISSP, CFFP, EnCEP, EnCE), Computer Forensics Manager, Electronic Discovery and Insider Risk for P&G – one of our Festival’s sponsors, shared, “At P&G, we want every talent used, every voice involved, because that is when we deliver our best work.”

Scott is a Deaf professional and Hunter Bryant has been his designated interpreter at P&G since just after he joined the company about 15 years ago. “As soon as I came to P&G, they said, ‘what can we do to help you succeed at your peak?’, “he shared with Dan Hurley of Local 12’s Newsmakers earlier this year. “That is the main reason I have Hunter here.”

Scott went on to point out how other accommodations such as captioning have broader benefits. “A lot of times we look at disability and do not realize that innovations or accommodations that make it easier for the person with a disability, at the same time, make life easier for others.”

In that same interview, Susan Brownknight, LADD’s executive director, reminded business and community leaders that disability should be seen as an asset. “If you think about someone with a disability and all the problems they have to solve in their daily lives. That is a precursor to innovation.  It is an incredible asset to any team to bring that perspective to the conversation. A lot of folks are realizing the power of disability to bringing that to their companies.”

Earlier, Mary Stagaman, senior inclusion advisor for the Cincinnati Regional USA Chamber of Commerce, shared that the Chamber’s definition of inclusion is: “Harnessing our differences in a way that creates value,” adding, “OurMary Stagaman, senior inclusion adviser with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce explains why diversity and inclusion is important for business success. organizations will be more productive, more innovative, and have better bottom lines as we learn to embrace diversity, changing our organizations so they point toward the future, rather than the past.”

Mike Gartner, director of finance at P&G has told said, “We [P&G] have a dedicated recruiting team that proactively seeks out qualified individuals with disabilities. At P&G we are trying to solve problems for consumers that no one has solved before, which requires creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.”

Through LADD’s Supported Employment Program, we are also seeing every day how adults with disabilities we place in competitive jobs are having positive impacts in the work environment. Please click here to read a few of our stories.

Interested in learning more about hiring someone with a disability? Please contact Diane Gaither-Thompson at LADD at 513-487-3949. 

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