For the past 13 years, every Monday through Thursday, Ben Brown has been waiting bright and early at the bus stop near our Find A Way Apartments in Oakley where he lives. The short ride delivers him to Rookwood just in time to clock in at 7:30 am and begin his shift at Buffalo Wild Wings.

LADD's Supported Employment Program in Cincinnati partners with employers to assist people with disabilities, like Ben Brown who works at the Rookwood Buffalo Wild Wings, in finding and keeping competitive employmentWith a deep voice that has made Ben perfect for narrating LADD’s agency video and performing on stage with Marjorie Book Continuing Education Society, it is Ben’s strong work ethic and eagerness to be a team player that has made him such a valued asset to the Rookwood Bw3 environment, even being named an Employee of the Month.

“Ben is a great employee for us. He comes in with a positive attitude and does everything we ask him to do. He is definitely an asset to our team,” Manager Jeana Chandler told us.

For Ben, he told us it is a great place to work. “I like the managers, the staff and the people, the hours, and that it is not too far from where I live,” he said.

Our Diane Gaither-Thompson, LADD Supported Employment program manager, has seen first hand how Bw3 and Ben have benefitted each other. “As employers, Jeana and her Bw3 team have been encouraging and most supportive of Ben in his work and community involvement. His managers have attended several of Ben’s plays and actively encourage his participation. BW3’s commitment to inclusion and diversity is exemplified in its staffing commitment and show of respect for its employees and patrons,” Diane said. “I know Ben is looking forward to working there for a long while to come.”

When we asked Ben what advice he would give to others to find their success, he shared, “Be nice and respectful to people. That will make you a good employee.”

Employers, please learn more about how LADD can help you find talented and dedicated employees like Ben by visiting our Supported Employment Page or calling Diane Gaither-Thompson at 513-487-3949.

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