At LADD, we are so proud to have such an incredible team of staff whose passion for their work comes from a place deep in their hearts. We hear time and time again, this is very much about more than a job. It is about relationships grounded in love, about genuinely wanting to bring out the best in people, about that sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing you are helping someone to dream and achieve.

Kelly Brannick, our program coordinator for LADD’s Geier Apartments, is one example. Kelly has worked for LADD for 15 years, and has been at Geier for 11 of them. Geier Apartments provides residential housing for adults with developmental disabilities. She oversees a team of eight Kelly Brannick is program coordinator for LADD's Geier Apartments in Cincinnati, providing residential services for adults with developmental disabilities.staff which keeps her very busy.

We would like to introduce you to Kelly.

You often talk about Geier Apartments as one big family. Can you elaborate?
Kelly:  When I began here, my son was just six months old. Both of my kids have grown up getting to know and love everyone who lives here, and our residents have watched our two kids, Nick (now 11) and Alex (now 7) grow up. They have been a part of each other’s ups and downs. My kids care when I get phone calls from people, and want to know if everyone is ok. And, our residents are always asking how the kids are doing. They want to know what Alex has learned in gymnastics.

You and your staff are very busy.
Kelly:  Yes, we are. There is always a lot going on and I want to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. We have folks living here that range in age from their 20s to their late 70s and we provide a ton of different activities that appeal to everyone. We have increased our staff support to help people to be safe and healthy, get them out and active in the community, and connect them with other resources.

How have you grown as a person through your job?
Kelly:  Definitely, one way is my ability to handle whatever comes my way. When I first started I didn’t think I could be as strong to do that. I love these people. I feel like we are a family. I care about them so much. Hopefully I will be here forever.

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