Don Lampert lives at LADD’s Find A Way Apartments. Since 1994, he has been riding his bike – through the heat and Don Lampert lives at LADD's Find A Way Apartments in Cincinnati and volunteers at the St. Bernard Fire Departmentthe cold – to give of his time to the St. Bernard Fire Department (and other Cincinnati area fire departments). He checks the inventory of the fire trucks, making sure there is everything needed for an emergency. “I feel like I am part of something real important,” Don said.

“When Don is here, he is absolutely part of our team. He will even answer the doorbell and welcome our visitors,” said St. Bernard Fire Chief Kerry Meyer. “Don’s outgoing personality has been so good for our moral and for bringing people together in a very stressful job. When he is around, everyone jokes and laughs.”

Don has been such an important part of the department’s team that he was recognized in 2014 with LADD’s So Everyone Can Fly Award. In her nomination, former Find A Way Apartments Coordinator Lacey Rudick wrote, “Don’s volunteer work is not only a chance to contribute to something he thinks is very important but also, it provides the community an opportunity to grow by getting to know Don as an individual. The fire fighters can see what people with disabilities are capable of doing and that they are not just a label, but an individual, they are a lot more like us.”

LADD’s Vision: Our work propels the inclusion and success of adults with disabilities in the Cincinnati area, the impact of which is felt positively throughout our community. 

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