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Equally part team player and independent thinker, April Meyers is a goal setter Cincinnati law firm Dinsmore & Shohl worked with Cincinnati nonprofit, Ladd, and its Supported Employment Program to hire April, an employee with a disability.who does not shy away from life challenges. Give her a job to do and she will do it well on time and on target. Introduce her to new people and she will form a new friend. 

These are just some of the qualities that have made her a valued asset to downtown law firm Dinsmore & Shohl, where April is an office services clerk.

We asked April to share her strengths that she brings to work each day. “I am a capable and dependable person. I am always on time, in uniform and ready to work,” she told us.

Her role is an important one. April’s job includes delivering and organizing mail, organizing binders, cleaning and restocking conference rooms, and other tasks.

“April has been such a blessing here,” Patti Super, Dinsmore & Shohl’s office services supervisor who oversees April. “It is a pleasure that when you give her something to do, you can count on her getting it down and then being eager to move on to her next project.”

At LADD, our belief that every person who wishes to work in the community is given that opportunity and support to do so; and our goal is for people with disabilities to gain meaningful, long-term employment.

“I am inspired by the success stories I see when employers work with us in adding people with disabilities to their team and come to realize those employees are real assets to their team,” shared Diane Gaither-Thompson, program manager of Ladd’s Supported Employment Program. “April and Dinsmore & Shohl are an excellent example.

“April is someone who is highly capable, energetic, and most pleasant. She practiced humility when learning to ride the bus, demonstrated tenacity by sticking with learning her job tasks and exudes confidence in her ability to do her job. She is always on time and is very respectful to co-workers.”

What is April doing with the money she is making? “I am saving it for my wedding dress. I am getting married next June,” she said. 

We asked April what advice she has for others on being successful in the workplace. She told us, “Be on time and be ready to face challenges, to make other people feel better and to be happy. If you have problems, go to your family and ask them. It is your turn to make your own life and to make that smile on your face. It is your turn to make a life change. You have got to take responsibility.”

“I have learned so much from having April here and now I can’t imagine her not being here. I hope that April will be with us until I retire,” Patti said.

About Ladd’s Supported Employment Program

At LADD, our Supported Employment Program assists adults with disabilities in choosing, obtaining and maintaining employment in a variety of community settings. Working in partnership with businesses across the Greater Cincinnati area, our staff help job seekers in finding employment, providing on-the-job training and, if necessary, providing follow-up services.

Some of the benefits to companies of working with an agency such as Ladd to find the right candidate include:

  1. LADD services are free
  2. LADD will provide you with free position identification and/or job matching based on the needs of your workforce
  3. LADD will provide you with a pool of candidates based upon the job description provided
  4. LADD will provide you with free ongoing performance evaluations to ensure satisfaction
  5. Free employment professionals are available to supplement training and assist with resolving any challenges
  6. Free assistance in implementation of incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Interested in learning more? Please call us at 513-861-5233.


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At LADD, we believe achieving our vision of propelling the success and inclusion of people with disabilities demands creative and collaborative solutions. Our Dinner, Deserts and Disasters is one example. Our training room was filled as we spent an evening learning and talking about etiquette for being a party host and guest through fun discussions, role playing, and hands on practice.


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Join us! Our Community Connections group will be gathering in the Contemporary Arts Center UnMuseum to create handmade birthday cards for adults and young people at St Joseph Orphanage and we’d love your help! We’ll supply the materials. You bring your thoughtfulness.

Monday, July 24
10:30 am to Noon
Contemporary Art Museum, 6th floor
No pre-registration needed.


Adults with disabilities from LADD will be at downtown Cincinnati's Contemporary Art Museum on July 24 to make birthday cards for people at St. Joseph Orphanage.

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Our popular Community Connections day program has expanded! Our new Saturday group brings our total of groups to 13, with 51 participants.

What is LADD’s Community Connections?

Great question! It is Hamilton County’s only non-facilities based program of its kind in Cincinnati for people with disabilities. In groups of 3 to 5 adults, they choose places in our area to explore with one of our social guides. Those outings may include volunteer work or recreational activities. Community Connections reduces isolation and also provides an opportunity for participants to learn and strengthen life and communication skills, build confidence through decision making, and explore their own likes and dislikes. LADD’s Community Connections currently includes 65 five-hour sessions. The first session of the month is when group participants get together and plan their calendar for that month.

LADD has expanded its Community Connections day program for adults with disabilities in Hamilton County.

“I like LADD’s Community Connections because it’s different, it’s unique, it’s about the community, it’s about finding our gifts.  It keeps you going. It keeps you active.  We’re out in the community all day. It wakes me up in the morning.  It makes me creative.  I get hugs.  I get smiles.  I see people I know.”

– Kathleen Sheil


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Michael Weber and Mary Flinker speak of creative expression with unwavering enthusiasm. Both are very talented artists, sharing their perspective through words, visions, ink and paint.

Mary Flinker and Michael Weber are gallery security officers at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center; and are Cincinnati artists. LADD, a Cincinnati nonprofit organization that strengthens the lives of adults with developmental disabilities, has a Supported Employment Program that has been working with CAC.They are also both independent professionals and role models, who in addition to doing their own art at Visionaries and Voices (Mike also works at Raymond Thundersky Inc., a Cincinnati art studio), work as gallery security officers at the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati. Mike is celebrating his 12th anniversary at CAC this summer, and Mary joined the CAC team a few years after Mike did.

What do they enjoy most about their jobs?

“I like meeting new people, and the people I work with everyday are fun,” said Mike.

“I work on writing movies and stories and art, a lot. Working here gives me a lot of inspiration for my work!” said Mary.

LADD’s Supported Employment Creates Workplace Inclusion

At LADD, our Supported Employment Program assists adults with disabilities in choosing, obtaining and maintaining employment in a variety of community settings like the Contemporary Arts Center. Working in partnership with businesses across the Greater Cincinnati area, our staff help job seekers in finding employment, providing on-the-job training and, if necessary, providing follow-up services.

Our belief is that every person who wishes to work in the community is given that opportunity and support to do so; and our goal is for people with disabilities to gain meaningful, long-term employment.

In 2012, it was LADD’s great pleasure to honor the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center with our Employer’s Excellence Award. “That Mikel and Mary, respectively, enjoy their work at the Center depicts their involvement and commitment to the work they do there. It also speaks to the support and appreciation shown them by the staff and patrons of the Center,” said Diane Gaither-Thompson, program manager of LADD’s Supported Employment Program.

The LADD Supported Employment Program has long served both Mary and Michael by providing them support and guidance in their employment experience. “It is amazing to be a part of their journey with CAC who maximizes their talents and abilities while supporting them in their professional growth and development. They both enjoy their work and the team of professionals they work with.  

Dave Gearding, CAC facility director, is Mike and Mary’s supervisor. We asked him what strengths he sees in them as members of his team. “They are both valuable members of our team here,” he said. “They are dedicated to their work and have a lot of pride in what they do. They show up on time with a positive attitude. I feel that they contribute not only in their daily job functions but also in the way in which they interact with our guests and our staff, as they are in really ambassadors to our city through their interaction with people.”

“We appreciate the proactive partnering with CAC. Dave sets a standard of reasonableness for all. He works with Mike and Mary with the same expectations he sets for others, and they meet his expectations. LADD’s Supported Employment expects accountability and adherence to employer policies as well,” Diane added.

To other employers, Dave had this to say, “Everyone, including people with disabilities, want to get in the game and contribute. We as employers need to step up to the plate and give them that opportunity because we have seen that our employees are real assets.”

For more information on LADD’s Supported Employment Program, please call 513-861-5233.

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At LADD, we believe opportunity to live independently in a community where we are embraced and welcomed is a basic human right. Matt has been a resident at our Geier Apartments for 15 years. It is great to include him as part of our LADD family!

Matt Cappel of Cincinnati lives at LADD, Inc.'s Geier Apartments and talks about why independence for adults with disabilities is important.

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As research continues to show that eating healthy and exercising leads to better cognitive functioning, a we have begun a new approach to helping adults with disabilities succeed in experiencing fuller, more connected lives. Exercise, meal planning and educational activities aimed at lowering stress for both staff and adults with disabilities are all incorporated into the new Health & Wellness Program being implemented by Cincinnati nonprofit Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD, Inc.).

“Including our professional team in our program is uniquely important as caretakers are often more focused on taking care of others than themselves and this can be stressful work at times. Staff are role models to those we work beside 

Kristin Harmeyer is Cincinnati nonprofit, Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD)'s health and wellness coordinator

and so their participating together in learning about making healthy choices will have far reaching implications,” said LADD Health and Wellness Coordinator Kristin Harmeyer.

Our Health and Wellness Program includes:

1) Improving physical fitness: Creating and implementing a fitness pilot program where she is assisting selected staff and individuals living at a LADD residence to develop personal health plans; expanding LADD’s Team participation in the Flying Pig Marathon 5K and other races; offering other exercise opportunities such as monthly yoga, a weekly strength training and aerobics class, and a wellness ladies night.

2. Improving nutrition: Creating and implementing a pilot program at LADD’s Victory Parkway residential facility where residents and staff review menus, make recommendations, shop and cook healthy meals focused on lowering cholesterol; and providing nutrition information.

3. Improving mental well-being: Creating and implementing a mind-body-wellness champion pilot program that involves a staff stress survey, trainings and activities aimed at lowering stress; and coordinating a wellness fair.

Harmeyer, who runs our Program, has an associate’s degree in health and fitness from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and a bachelors degree in athletic training from Northern Kentucky University. Her career at LADD spans 13 years. Prior to her newly created position, she has worked in direct support positions gaining experience in every agency department.

“All of us at LADD believe self-determination, independence and quality of life absolutely includes the right and the opportunity to be invested in one’s own well-being,” said Harmeyer. “My new role is such a personal passion for me not only because healthy living has always been my lifestyle, also because I care so much about the adults I spend my days with and I want to see them leading full, healthy lives.”

Call us for our Class Schedule

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Happy International Yoga Day! Did you know we offer free 30 minute yoga classes at Noon on Mondays and Fridays for our staff and friends…including those we spend our days with? And we have evening yoga classes on Thursdays at 7 pm. We hope to see you there!

Cincinnati nonprofit, LADD, offers free yoga classes.


The Yoga Groove

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Our A Midsummer’s Night Fling was a night we will always remember filled with music, dancing, laughs, friends and conversation at Mecklenburg Gardens in Cincinnati.

Our summer party was a fundraiser for and was presented by LADD’s Independent Resident Council, a group of adults with disabilities who we spend our days with who are living, learning, connecting and contributing in our community.

Please take a few minutes to look through our photo albums below…and don’t miss next year’s party!

2017 LADD's A Midsummer's Night Fling

Photobooth: 2017 LADD's A Midsummer's Night Fling