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 Full Time Positions

Job#: 090517B

Full Time 34.5 Hours (21.5 Hours Awake, 12 Sleep) Non-Exempt

Weekly Schedule:  Sunday: 12a-6a Sleep, 8a-8a Awake; Monday: Off; Tuesday: 10:30a-9p Awake; Wednesday: 3:30p-7:30p Awake; Thursday: Off; Friday: 10a-2p Awake; 11p-12a Sleep; Saturday: 12a-6a Sleep, 6a-7a Awake

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 Full Time 30 – 40 Hours Non-Exempt

Weekly Schedule: If you are looking for full time work and none of the above postings work for your current schedule please apply here and note your availability.

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 Part Time Positions

Job#: 1173

Part Time 17 Hours ( 4 Hours Awake, 13 Sleep) Non-Exempt

Weekly Schedule:  Sunday: 12a-6a Sleep, 6-7a Awake; Monday: 12a-6a Sleep, 6a-8a Awake; Tuesday: Off; Wednesday: Off; Thursday: Off; Friday: Off; Saturday: 11p-12a Awake

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Job#: 1168

Part Time (20 Hours Awake) Non-Exempt

Weekly Schedule:  Sunday: Off; Monday: 4p-9p Awake; Tuesday: 4p-9p Awake; Wednesday: Off; Thursday: 4p-9p Awake; Friday: 4p-9p Awake; Saturday: Off

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Part Time Flex DSP

Weekly Schedule: Is your availability always changing and a fixed schedule doesn’t work for you? Are you looking for one shift a week, a few shifts a week, or a seasonal position? We have float positions available for people with flexible schedules. Candidates need to have availability for 2nd or 3rd shift positions. Apply below and let us know your availability!

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