Without charitable planned gifts, a non-profit’s sustainability is unsure in coming years. Your planned gift can make a difference.

Q. Where do I begin?
A: Making a bequest in your will or estate plans can be quite easy, however it is best to consult a legal and/or financial advisor when making this decision.

Q: Are bequests always given in the form of money?
A: Bequests can come in the form of money, property, an investment or a percentage of an estate. An estate is simply a word used to describe any property, money or personal belongings that you may have at the time of your death.

Q. How large does a bequest have to be?
A: Any size gift is important and will make a difference in the lives that follow.

Q: Do I tell LADD I have left a gift?
A: This is up to you. Charities often like to know in advance so they can recognize your generosity and accommodate your wishes.

Q: Where can I get assistance in making this decision?
A: You can seek professional assistance by contacting the Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council at 513.554.3071.

Q: What if I am ready to include LADD in my estate plans?
A: Contact Molly Lyons at 513-487-3938 or email at development@laddinc.org

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