Taking Flight 2013 Honorees


Taking Flight 2013 honorees have each made significant and lasting achievements and/or contributions towards achieving their dreams or supporting people on their road to independence.

Reaching New Heights:  Spirit of Independence Award

Recognizes a person receiving services from LADD who has demonstrated steps towards independence and overcoming challenges.

Honoree: John Roach


Courage to Fly Award

Recognizes a family member or family that is served that has shown exceptional courage and support as their family member works towards independence.

Honoree:  Beth Hoffman


Reaching New Heights: Service Award (NEW FOR 2013)

Recognizes a person receiving services from LADD who has demonstrated outstanding service or commitment to a cause or organization other than LADD that benefits the community.

Honoree:  Jewel Bolt


Guiding Spirit Award

Recognizes an individual within a school system that has provided exceptional leadership in assisting older students with the transition to adulthood.

Honoree:  Karen Troup


Above and Beyond Award

Recognizes a LADD staff person that has performed selflessly and tirelessly to effectively achieve LADD’s mission in the past year.

Honoree:  Cindy Flatt


Employer Excellence Award

Recognizes an individual or business that has been a leader in providing employment opportunities to the people LADD serves.

Honoree:  Tender Care Child Development Center

World of Thanks Award

Recognizes an individual who deomonstrates exceptional commitment and service through energy and resources.

Honoree:  Marie Huenefeld

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